Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Additional terms Bronze Sponsorship Program is the entry level program for all sponsorships. Per the guidelines for all sponsorships we will increase your level as you sell products.
Battle Buddy Apparel, LLC.
Welcome to the Battle Buddy Apparel Partner, Ambassador or Affiliate Program.  Some quick terms:

1)  The code you have received authorizes you a set percentage of commission on all sales, but does not include shipping or sales tax.

2)  You agree apparel being sold for a charity or non-profit that all commission for that product being promoted will be given to the charity or non-profit organization.  Partner stores must agree to their products being used as you own ownership to your logo's utilized inside the store.

3)  Partner stores will get the percentage outlined in their agreement for all items inside of their store on Battle Buddy Apparel.  You can absolutely use the code we sent you, but are not required as we will manually track all orders at the end of the month and sent money via paypal based on your paypal account in this system.

4)  We agree to pay you at the end of the month only when the $50 minimum is met.  If you don't meet $50 it will roll to next month and continue doing that until the minimum threshold is met. 

5)  PayPal is the only way we will pay commission.  Please ensure your account has been set up through the refersion system.

6)  We have final approval on all payouts that occur from purchases.

7)  You agree to support Battle Buddy Apparel, but understand you are not an employee and can not speak on behalf of the company.  As with the sentence prior, we will not speak on behalf of our partners.

8)  BB Apparel reserves the right to remove you from the your program at any time for failing to promote the store or sell your products.  Notification of store removal will occur prior to removing it.

9)  This agreement is valid until you are no longer part of the program.